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Book conservation - One Philosophy - Many Interpretations

Date: 5th, 6th November 2020

Place: ONLINE ! ZOOM Conference for 300 participants

Due to the current on-going Covid-19 pandemic this conference will be held online.

Participants including speakers, will not be charged a conference fee. Registration is mandatory. Registration here.

The conference aims to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Re storation which was actually founded on March 22, 2010, and bring together experts from all fields, whether they are professionals involved in actual conservation and conservation research, persons overseeing collections where conservation of written heritage is at issue, philosophers within and without the field of conservation of cultural heritage, or art historians.

Genuine papers will

The Academic board for the conference includes Jedert Vodopivec, Joseph Schiro, George Boudalis, Elissaveta Moussakova and Flavia Pinzari.
The programme is available here.


We are more than happy to receive your kind attention and – if this is at all possible – further dissemination of the information about the workshop. Language: English Place DUK, Krems, Austria Time: 2-3 Nov. 2021 Based of her many years’ research into the conservation theory, (1-9), and our ongoing co-operation with Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta (10), P. Engel will hold a workshop on the ways of applying or adapting the European conservation theory to Indonesian cultural setup. The workshop will not only seek to find a path towards a new conservation theory appropriate for Indonesia, but will also allow for discussion of problem points in the European conservation theory. Another result will be a theoretical scheme of approaching the issue that can hopefully be applied to many cases. Mandatory requirement for launching this work is discussing the terms and definitions that have been in circulation so far and have not been applied consistently. The definitions are well chosen and are recommended for application.

Conference contributions 1. Patricia Engel “Systemic Thinking in Conservation Theory, The Assembly of the International Institute of Archival Science (hereinafter IIAS), 27th IIAS International Archival Day, to be held in Trieste /Italy, from 15. -18. October 2017 2. Yerevan, Armenia 27.-29.10.2015, “Restaurierung und Erinnerung” 3. „The cultural heritage of the Middle East: Current threats and scenarios for protection in the future" St. Pölten 23.-25. 10.2015 Beitrag zur Restaurierung Publications 4. Patricia Engel, "Systemic Thinking in Conservation Theory", Atlanti, International review for modern archival theory and practice, Trieste-Maribor, 2017, pp. 205-215 5. Patricia Engel, „Systemic Approach Towards the Intangible Aspects in Tangible Heritage”; RESTIZUTIO (RESTITUZIO?) Reclaiming the Tangible and Intangible Heritage-Conservation and Restoration Attitudes, Muzeul National al Satului Vol. 2, 10/2016 Bucharest, pp. 247-249 6. Harald Riedl, Patricia Engel, “Systems, patterns and fractals – Both decay and conservation in the Sisyphusposition”, in: ERC Newsletter, 2/2015, pp. 18-25 7. Patricia Engel, „Konservierung von Schriftgut als Aspekt der Menschenrechte“ Onlinepublikation: 8. Engel, Patricia: Buchrestaurierung – eine Zerstörung?, in: Kodex. Jahrbuch der Internationalen Buchwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft, 3 (2013), S. 165–180 9. Patricia Engel, “Books Convey not only Knowledge, but also Beauty”, 10

Events held
2019Ink Corosion Conference. 25-26 October 2019, Krems, Austria.

2018El'Manuscript 2018: TEXTUAL HERITAGE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES. 14-18 September 2018, Vienna and Krems, Austria.
2015Krems Convention on the Need for Continuing Education in Preservation of Documentary Heritage 19.7.2015 Krems
V.l.n.r.: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Katja Sterflinger, BOKU Wien, MA Roberto Padoan, Restaurator, Italien, Dir. Joseph Schiro, Heritage Malta, Malta; dr habil. Patricia Engel, Donau-Universität Krems; Dr. Elissaveta Mousakova, Kyril-und-Method-Bibliothek Leiterin der Handschriftensammlung, Bulgarien; Vizedekanin Dr. Grond, Donau-Universität Krems; Univ.-Prof. Dr. Claudia Römer, Universität Wien; Univ.-Prof. Dr. Manfrd Schreiner, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien, Mag. Roswitha Peintner, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Adelheid Krah, Universität Wien, Mag. Stephan Ortbauer, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Prof. Mag. art. Dipl.-Päd. Heidelinde Balzarek, Wien.
Resolution download here.
2014“From Microorganism to Megaorganism”, St. Pölten, 28.4.-1.5. 2014
Information download here.
2011“New Approaches to Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration”, Horn, 9.-11. 5.2011