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Conservation Update – Publication of the ERC
ISSN 2663-0125

Conservation Update is the new name for the periodical of the European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation – Restoration. It replaces the ERC Newsletter. It will continue to publish recent activities connected with projects of the Centre, articles which will be subject to double-blind peer review, and upcoming events of the Centre as well conservation events worldwide. It will be published twice per year, in April and November and has a new ISSN number.

The periodical editors are Maria Dmitrieva (Russia), Pascual Ruiz Segura (UK), Zoë Reid (Ireland), and for layout Maja Kostadinovska (North Macedonia). Please hand in papers at

ERC Newsletter

ISSN 2225-7853Key title: ERC newsletter - double blind peer reviewed 
ERC Newsletter publishes latest research results in the field of book and paper conservation-restoration, in terms of both theoretical and applied research. The newsletter is subject to double-blind peer review and has an ISSN Number. ERC Newsletter is a publicly accessible free publication, and this policy is meant to foster the safeguarding of written heritage in the best possible way.The Newsletter comes out twice a year, in spring and autumn. It also informs the reader about the latest research done in the European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration (EU and other projects) and the upcoming events such as international conferences or university courses organized by the European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration.

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Peer board des Newsletters:Juri Ivanovish Aristov (Physical Chemistry) RU, Marina Bicchieri (Chemistry) I; Jane Coleburn (Conservation) GB; Christa Hofmann (Conservation) A; Erni Pilch Karrer (Conservation) A; Viviana Nicoletti (Conservation) I; Erich Renhart (Theology, Syriology) A; Ursula Schädler Saub (History of Art) D; Karin Scheper (Conservation) NL; Spiros Zervos (Chemistry) GR

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