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Image by Birmingham Museums Trust

Helping small museums and collections in Ukraine to digitize their material we received a special donation for this project from a young start – up:

A small start up – a small team - and - a shared vision

"This past week, our team had the pleasure of organizing an art auction, a delightful and memorable evening that combined the joy of creativity with a meaningful purpose. The event came to life following an inspiring meeting with Dr. Patricia Engel at the ICOM-CC in Valencia, where we learned about "Conservators without Frontiers". This dedicated group works to preserve cultural heritage in conflict areas, and their mission resonated deeply with us. Initially, we were unsure how our small startup could make a significant contribution. However, this event proved that even 'small' teams can achieve big things when they come together with a shared vision.

The auction was not just about raising funds; it was a celebration of creativity and the spirit of entrepreneurship. In collaboration with our partners at Umble, Gnist Capital, and 6AM, we created an atmosphere filled with art, laughter, and camaraderie. The items up for auction were not only unique but also symbolized the generosity of Trondheims artistic and entrepreneurial community. We chose to donate the proceeds to "Conservators without Frontiers", aligning our fun-filled evening with a cause that protects cultural treasures worldwide.

We want to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to making the auction a success. Special thanks to our partners and the external donors Atelie, Britannia Kunstklubb, Studentersamfundet i Trondheim, and StartupLab. A shout-out to the team at Bev/Art as well, who donated their handmade creations and time. The event was a testament to how a simple idea can bring people together for a good cause, and we were thrilled to see the startup community having a great time while supporting an important mission."

- Christian Nielsen, Co-founder of Bev/Art.


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